The constitution of 1959 and previous constitutions

The constitution of 1959 is considered as the founding text of the first Republic of Tunisia. It was drafted and approved by the national constituent assembly elected according to the Beylical decree dated December 29, 1955. The constitution of 1959 was enacted by law n°59-57 dated June 1st, 1959 only in Arabic language. It was amended sixteen (16) times the first being in 1965 and the last in 2008. The application of the constitution of 1959 was suspended after the revolution of January 14, 2011 and it was decided to put an end to its provisions according to article 27 of the constituent law n° 2011-6 dated December 16, 2011, relating to the provisional organization of public authorities.

However, the constitution of 1959 was not the first constitution for Tunisia, other texts preceded it, the most important of which was the Fundamental Pact enacted by Mohamed Bey on September 10, 1857 and the constitution of 1861 enacted during the reign of Mohamed Sadok Bey, which was the first Arab constitution.

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