Under Article 27 of the Basic Law No. 2011-6 of 16 December 2011 on the organization provisional government the Constituent Assembly ended with the provisions of the Constitution of 1 June 1959. Download

Article 72 (Paragraph 4 was added by article 2 of the constitutional law n° 2002-51 dated June 1, 2002)

The Constitutional Council looks into bills submitted to it by the President of the Republic to ensure their conformity with the Constitution. It is mandatory to submit to the Constitutional Council bills for organic laws, bills specified in article 47 of the Constitution, and bills regarding the general methods of application of the Constitution, nationality, personal status, obligations, definition of crimes and misdemeanors and the applicable sentences, procedures before the different orders of courts, amnesty, and the basic principles of the system of ownership and real rights, education, public health, labor law and social security.
Similarly, the President of the Republic must submit to the Constitutional Council the treaties stated in article 2 of the Constitution.
He may also submit to it any question concerning the organization and functioning of the country's institutions.
The Constitutional Council shall rule on appeals relating to the election of members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of Advisors. It shall check the validity of referendum procedures, and shall announce the results thereof.