Under Article 27 of the Basic Law No. 2011-6 of 16 December 2011 on the organization provisional government the Constituent Assembly ended with the provisions of the Constitution of 1 June 1959. Download

Article 62 (Amended by constitutional law n° 88-88 dated July 25, 1988 and by constitutional law n° 2002-51 dated June 1, 2002)

The Chamber of Deputies may, by voting on a motion of censure, call into question the responsibility of the government, if it finds that the government is not following the general state policy and the fundamental options provided for in Articles 49 and 58.
The motion of censure is not admissible unless it is warranted and signed by at least one-third of the members of the Chamber of Deputies. The vote may not be taken until 48 hours after the submission of the motion of censure.
When a motion of censure is adopted by an absolute majority of the members of the Chamber of Deputies, the President of the Republic accepts the resignation of the government presented by the Prime Minister.