Under Article 27 of the Basic Law No. 2011-6 of 16 December 2011 on the organization provisional government the Constituent Assembly ended with the provisions of the Constitution of 1 June 1959. Download

Article 35 (Amended by constitutional law n° 97-65 dated October 27, 1997, and by constitutional law 2002-51 dated June 1, 2002)

Subjects other than those falling within the domain of the law come under the general regulatory power. Texts related to these subjects can be modified by decree upon recommendation by the Constitutional Council.
The above texts concerning these subjects can be amended by decree; such decrees must be submitted to the Administrative Court and adopted in accordance with its recommendations.
The President of the Republic may object to the inadmissibility of any bill or amendment presented in the field of general regulatory power. In this case, he submits the issue to the constitutional council, which hands down its decision within ten days of receiving it.